Leveraging Innovation
for Your Protection

RESCU3D provides immersive 3D maps of facilities to local law enforcement, including critical information like points of entry, potential hazards, and more. We also train local law enforcement for each building we protect long before a crisis arises.
Maps Include:

3D Immersive Maps
Aerial Maps
Panoramic Images

Floor Plans
Building Information
Panoramic Images

Map Features:

Water supply

Access Points



Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire Alarm
Control Panels

Fire Hydrants

Gas Main

Roof Access

Roof Access

Fire Department

Electrical Hazards

Electrical Breakers

Electrical Breakers

Post Indicator
Valves (PIV)

Chemical Hazards


Entry Points

Experience Meets Technology

Our team of experienced first responders meet with local emergency services to provide specialized training unique to your facility. We cover general use of our software and help develop response plans for a variety of scenarios including active shooters, work place injuries, natural disasters, and everything in between. After the live training, users can watch training videos located on any screen within the virtual map of a building.

The Benefits

Saving Time Saves Lives

Our immersive maps help law enforcement get a comprehensive, up-to-date view of facilities in their area better than static floor plans that get outdated quickly. With our services, first responders are better equipped to plan for, respond to, mitigate, and recover from crises.


We provide local law enforcement not only with immersive maps for facilities, but we help them establish a response plan long before an incident begins.


With a pre-established plan, first responders are equipped to more quickly respond to crises because they already know how to enter and navigate buildings.


The faster police respond to an emergency situation, the more injuries and loss of life are prevented.


In the case of an incident, RESCU3D can help local law enforcement debrief and learn from the situation to respond even more effectively the next time.

Industries We Serve

At RESCU3D, we are passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology to make the world a safer place. Our immersive mapping solutions have been instrumental in assisting emergency response teams, enhancing disaster preparedness, and ensuring workplace safety and security. We take pride in serving a diverse range of industries, each with its unique set of challenges and requirements.

Commercial Building

Commercial Industries

Our immersive maps have become indispensable tools for commercial industries of all types. From manufacturing facilities to warehouses, our solutions empower businesses to optimize their safety protocols and response strategies. By providing real-time visualizations and data analytics, we help businesses mitigate risks, streamline operations, and protect their most valuable assets – their employees.