12.5 Minutes is the Average Length of an Active Shooter Incident

Save Time When Seconds Matter

Every year, hundreds of shootings happen in the US. It takes police an average of 12.5 minutes to resolve these incidents, and survival rates drop by 10% for every minute without emergency treatment1. First responders must assess the situation and develop a plan of action often with limited information on the location. We help save lives by providing definitive, critical, and real-time information to local first responders through our crisis management solution.

Tablet with Rescu3d Crisis Management Immersive Map

Our Services

Crisis Management

RESCU3D provides immersive 3D maps of facilities to local law enforcement, including critical information like points of entry, potential hazards, and more. We also train local law enforcement for each building we protect long before a crisis arises.
Maps Include:

3D Immersive Maps
Aerial Maps
Panoramic Images

Floor Plans
Building Information
Panoramic Images


Security in Action

We’ve worked with schools, places of worship, hospitals, factories, courthouses, theaters, water treatment plants, public utilities, and others. If you would like to see an example of our work or learn more, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to schedule a demonstration.



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1 Statistics from Amberbox. Orfanidis, Anastasios: Amberbox — “Assumption vs Reality: Do Emergency Response Times Significantly Affect Active Shooter Outcomes?”